BREAKING: The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department is suspending its water shutoffs for 15 days. We will keep up the pressure until they stop the shutoffs permanently!

Statement from the Detroit Water Brigade:


Without struggle, there is no progress

This is really important, but I can’t emphasize enough to tradtional AND social media—this is NOT. OVER. At a recent community meeting, the water dept said: 

In a community meeting with the Rosedale Park residents July 17, DWSD representatives told residents there would not be a moratorium on foreclosures. DWSD sub-contractor Charlie Fleetham also told residents there would not be an implementation of an affordability plan because it was against the law.

What that means is that people can still lose their homes AND that any type of affordability plan is *ILLEGAL*. do you understand that? *JUSTICE IS ILLEGAL*.

This also means that when the 15 days are up? If there already was a holy reign of media terror against the people who can’t pay their bills, it will be even WORSE after the 15 days and people still can’t afford to pay their bills. Who can solve poverty in 15 days? I know I can’t. But there will be *relentless* “WE GAVE YOU EXTRA TIME, WHAT IS UR PROBLEM??????” narrative spewing and an even more aggressive call to shut off than what there already is.

Folks in the media MUST stay vigilant!

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disabled people deserve to have their stories told, disabled people deserve representation, disabled people deserve stories that are not just pity ploys, and yes we deserve fucking superhero stories, fuck your abled norms

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Every time I think a tea site won’t annoy me they start going on about how the antioxidents will magically make the cancer go away and I just want them to stop.


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"If media conglomerates as massive as Time Warner and Fox need to get bigger to combat the power of Comcast, what do you suppose that means for the much smaller Web-based services that will be fighting for the necessary bandwidth to survive?"

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Lets do an experiment: reblog if you would feel safer hanging out with trans*women (regardless of what genitals they currently posses) than Cis women who are trans*phobic and deny trans*women’s obvious womanhood.

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Origin: Karma was created by Chris Claremont in 1980 and first appeared in Marvel Team-Up #100. After incident with FF she was taken under Charles Xavier’s care and joined New Mutants team.

But it was long time before Second Coming event, during which Shan was attacked by Cameron Hodge.


She was badly injured, and her left leg had to later be amputated. But Madison Jefferies created cybernetic prosthesis for her:


I must admit that this prosthesis is quite wierd for Marvel standarts and not so neat looking as some others, and seems to be hard in use. I mean look at this:




Soon after “Second Coming” Karma quits New Mutants, to take care of  Face, with whom she has special connection.


And she stays outside the action untill Marjorie Liu makes her one of the lead characters in “Astonishing X-Men”. Liu had shown that Shan dosen’t wear prosthesis all the time and has toolkit to take it off and adjust it by herself:



Visibility: She was important character in Marjorie Liu’s run on Astonishing X-Men and appeared on few covers, but usually was put in the corner, exept two covers, on one of them, drawn by Dustin Weaver, we can see Shan adjusting her prosthetic leg:image

Disability as the superpower?: No. Her powers are mental in nature and were not affected by physical changes.

Where is she now: Probably she is still Junior Staff Member at the Jean Grey’s school, taking care of Face and her siblings. This character is a great challenge and responsibility for authors because she is disabled lesbian Woman of Color, and I hope that soon there would be someone brave enough to properly use such underrated character.

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We have “subversive, liberal” professors claiming that they need to be able to use traumatic material to break down the smug, privileged mindset of white dudes. They have to show rape so that men might realise it’s bad.

This is utterly out of tune with the needs of us who already have a good idea, thanks, how bad it is. We don’t need someone at the front of the class telling us we have to live in the real world, man, we can’t just pretend this doesn’t happen. Who deliberately catches us unaware with it to use the moment of shock as a “teachable moment”.

But the kind of student for whom the idea that rape exists is shocking is not - and must not become - the only kind of student in the classroom.


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If you had told me earlier today that this song could also be a warrior queen’s battle chant, I would have looked at you funny


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I’m curious. ^_^

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Lemme tell you why this book is so awesome.

I mean, yes, there is a black bisexual hero. And a mad lesbian governess. And a half-Chinese genderqueer sky pirate. THERE IS ALSO A KRAKEN (which may or may not be queer). And an aethership. But the narrative is the real star of this show. Look at this blurb. Look at it.

A breathtaking tale of passion and adventure in the untamed skies!

Prosperity, 1863: a lawless skytown where varlets, chancers, and ne’er-do-wells risk everything to chase a fortune in the clouds, and where a Gaslight guttersnipe named Piccadilly is about to cheat the wrong man. This mistake will endanger his life … and his heart.

Thrill! As our hero battles dreadful kraken above Prosperity. Gasp! As the miracles of clockwork engineering allow a dead man to wreak his vengeance upon the living. Marvel! At the aerial escapades of the aethership, Shadowless.

Beware! The licentious and unchristian example set by the opium-addled navigatress, Miss Grey. Disapprove Strongly! Of the utter moral iniquity of the dastardly crime prince, Milord. Swoon! At the dashing skycaptain, Byron Kae. Swoon Again! At the tormented clergyman, Ruben Crowe.

This volume (available in print, and for the first time on mechanical book-reading devices) contains the complete original text of Piccadilly’s memoirs as first serialised in All the Year Round. Some passages may prove unsettling to unmarried gentlemen of a sensitive disposition.

Plus it’s only the first in a series! (Early next year there’ll be a whole collection of novelettes set in this world.) And it was written by the hilarious, brilliant, Lambda Literary Award nominated Alexis Hall (of Glitterland and Kate Kane: Paranormal Investigator fame)! And it’s on pre-sale for only $4.99 (or $13.59 if you prefer a paper copy with that gorgeous full jacket, or $16.79 if you want both)! Whaaaaaaat is not to love? :D

Story time. This was actually the very first manuscript Alexis ever subbed us. He sent it in for a steampunk call, and originally it was full of footnotes, Good Omens style. They were hilarious, but presented something of an enormous problem for an e-first publisher two years ago, so despite me being more excited about this manuscript than I had been about just about any other slush in the history of space and time, I regretfully had to reject. Alexis was actually the first author I have ever scheduled a call with to reject over the phone because I felt the story was so stunningly brilliant that I wanted to gush at him while I let him down gently. I also wanted to beg him for anything else he’d ever written or was considering writing. We got Glitterland, Iron & Velvet, and Shadows & Dreams out of that exchange :D

So, fast forward a couple years, and imagine my unrestrained delight (okay, he probably heard me squeeing across the pond in England) when he re-subbed the manuscript with no footnotes. Suddenly we had a book we could format for easy consumption on an e-reader. Boy did we sign that contract fast :D

So, yeah. If you feel even the teeniest, tiniest bit inclined to trust my taste, you’re gonna want to check this one out <3

So apparently this isn’t out yet, or I’d have already added it to my list of books to request from the library next time I’m filling out the purchase order website. BUT HEY, LOOK.

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Swing Kids is like watching the world’s most depressing Marauders AU.

i read the synopsis on wikipedia. my gods.

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Hey, from Radish Reviews I read this link:


How is it possible for someone so ignorant of the harassment events at Readercon to be the head of the Wiscon Harassment Policy Committee? Antarcticlust was the right person for the job because she understood the need for someone to do it, and she had a plan, and she was willing to spar with reluctant and established concom members to get it in place before W38. Antarcticlust is a career academic, and the plan was based on the well-established academic model for dealing with harassment cases. Of course, this model has known flaws, and (in hindsight) I think the subcommittee system failed in a pretty typical fashion.


Do you people not know who the academic model for dealing with harassment favors?

It favors the harassers.

This is beyond reprehensible. And to say that that person was the right person for the job, to say that with all sincerity…

Good fucking gods I hate Wiscon.



liberal social justice is saying “don’t discriminate against poor people” instead of “why are people poor in the fucking first place”

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